"Better living by managing stress and excessive emotions"
EmotionalCare is a concept created by Cathy Assenheim which aims to treat stress, overwork and burnout ... but also for the blocked emotions or phobias.

Brussels Fashion Days

Brussels Fashion Days is the biggest fashion event of the year in Belgium. In an area of ​​10.000 m² dedicated to fashion you will be able to find a complete overview of the world of Belgian fashion. Discover the participants and activities of this 3-day event through their website.


This pharmaceutical consulting company brings solutions to their customers in domains of communication and strategy.
Check out our work performed in order to adapt to all devices (desktop, tablet, mobile).

Shaking Brussels

Do you know "Belgium Roller Parade", "Truc Troc", "La fête des voisins" or "Fiesta Latina"? If you live in Brussels, I'm sure you do.

Behind these popular events, there is the company Beegroupe who specializes in large events that invest public space.

F1 in your iPhone

iFone was our first web application and the first web app, in 2008, dedicated to Formula One available on iPhone.

Tagged "Staff pick" by Apple's team, this application has quickly encountered a huge hit from fans of F1.

We implement effective ideas

Your company's website is an important and effective marketing tool, and for many firms, it is the most important aspect. Whether you believe that "image is everything" or a "picture is worth a thousand words" your site should be aesthetic, easy to navigate and complement your marketing strategies. Meaningful organization of visual and written information goes a long way in conveying the professionalism of a company.

We love open source

Weebee provides timely, efficient and affordable PHP programming services to build dynamic websites running on PHP, Apache and MySQL; and powerful backend admin systems.
Open source is the platform of choice for digital agencies around the world, servicing brands, web start-ups, e-commerce platforms, rich content driven sites and blogs.

But beautiful is not everything

In today's competitive online environment, a good web design is not just about how pretty it looks online. It is about creativity that can boldly mix appropriate colour choices, image selections, and best page layouts and usability, ease of locating information and friendly search engine. We know how to create a crisp, creative and professional design that can convey the right notion to your target audience.

Traffic is not the goal... [it is] the successful conversion of visitors to customers.